DA Beats

The beats on this page are samples only and must not be copied or to learn from as it could lead to confusion at later stages.

If you are intersted in learning to play the Dhol then please do go to a  Dhol class run in your local area.

Chaal Udhi Chaal Lambi Chaal

Dha  Na  Na  Na  Na  Dha  Dha  Na

Dha Na Dha Dha Na Dha Dha Na

Dha Na Dha Dha Na Dha Dha Na Dha Na Na Na Na Dha Dha Na



DA Lessons

The lessons on this page can practiced at home but in order to ensure that you are doing it correctly, you must learn from a recognised teacher.

Lesson ONE MUMMY MUMMY DADDY DADDY (Tilley twice & Dhagga twice)

This beat must be played at constant pace and must be crisp and clear.

Lesson TWO  
Lesson THREE  
Lesson FOUR  
Lesson FIVE  
Lesson SIX  
Lesson SEVEN