DA People

DA People those play major part in making this group great. Listed below are some of the players that perform and work towards getting the next group ready for the changing Dhol routines.  To enter your information Go to People Form


Name Personal Comments Yrs @ DA Email & Contact No
Tajinder Sembi The start for me must be when I joined Dhol Academy when I was only 12 years old. Today I am one of the few senior teachers that train other senior Dholis, and at the same time I perform along side other DA players. 8 Taj1007@yahoo.co.uk

Mob: 012345678910

Savraj Singh Rupra

I had full attention from Pritam and the older Dholis. They helped me by teaching and giving me opportunities to perform at cultural events and now…to perform almost anywhere. Well abroad…they still think I’m young! But I hope in a few years time, I’ll have the chance to experience performing nationally. It had been hard work to reach the current stage I am at. However, my sincere regards go towards Pritam, Dhana and not forgetting our main man PARMI G! Dhol Academy Forever. 10 Savraj@hotmail.co.uk