Dhol Academy has become a regular performer at many prestigious events in UK and Europe such as: Glastonbury Festival, Queens Jubilee, Nottinghill Carnival, Street Festivals, Gigs, and European Tour with Diesel, Millennium Celebration London and many, many more!


The new year celebration at River Thames.
Record break 350 Dhol players. (D.A took 150 players).
Launch of Dreamcast.
The Launch of Maharaja Dilip Singh biography.
Asian Pop Award - NEC
Baxley Hill Festival
Beckton Festival
Brent Festival
Brick Lane Festival
Channel East Live Event
Colour of Light, France
East Ham Festival
East London Festival
East London Mela
Enfield Festival
Finsbury Park Festival
Glastonbury Festival

Gloucester Festival
Gravesend Mela
Hackney Festival.
Hackney Hat Fair Festival

More Performances


Ireland Festival
Mile End Festival
Millwall Football Ground
Morecombe Festival
Nagar Kirtan, Barking, East Ham, Woolwich, Southall, Leyton, Gravesend.
Namaste TV
Notting Hill carnival
Opening Ceremony Newham Library
Opening Handicap Centre - Dagenham
Plumbstead festival
Punjabi Parents Event
Queen Mary's Festival
Ramsgate Festival
Rung O Rang Festival Of Light
Sikh Students Format
Theatre Venture
Workshops - Luton, Milton Keynes, Bedford, Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham and many more in and around London.