In The Dhol:

Worlds first and only KING SIZE Dhol that comes with its own Dhol players. This venture is done in partnership with Walk the Plank and  NutCut.




The DA specializes in exceptional presentations, which are simply astonishing; without any doubt…make you dance the night away. We cater for almost any function you requested. Over the years, we have performed in many parades from Queen’s Jubilee to “Rung ‘O’ Rang” and many more all around UK.




DA has years of experience of performing at processions such as the Nottinghill Carnival and various others around the country.




Weddings are a popular service that we gladly cater for, with as many Dhol players you require, will be at your matrimonial service. Now with the new look for DA, we can alternatively approach your wedding with a Desi appearance in full Bhangra suits.



Parties :

Parties. Whether it be a birthday party in Southall, a house party in Manchester or any other celebration anywhere, Dhol Academy can accompany your celebration with outstanding Dholis to blow the night away.




Equinox, Shannon Centre, The Temple, Jardines, Penthouse, Town Halls, Universities, e.g. Queen Mary’s, City and many, many more venues. DA are a blow-out at gigs alongside many of the famous performers of today, e.g. DCS, Dr Zeus, Raghav, Beanie Man, Beyonce, Rishi Rich Project, Metz and Trix, Dj Stin, Dj Swami, Sonic Gurus, Radio1 DJs and many more. For more information visit the News section, alternatively view our Multimedia.




Festivals. The DA performs in various numbers of festivals, such as Vaisakhi celebrations, Nagar Kirtan processions and other religious and cultural events. The Glastonbury Music Festival 2003/2004 had been accompanied by the DA. For the first time ever the 2004 Glastonbury festival had the Asian lifestyle spice, featuring big acts such as, Raghav, Dr.Zeus, Rishi Rich Project, The Dhol Academy and many more. The Notting Hill Carnival is another major carnival where the DA perform their Desi Beats. To view the intense and exciting footage from these bookings, visit the Multimedia section.



Cultural Events:

Gatka is a cultural performance, performed by BABA FATEH SINGH GATKA AKHARA group from East London. Gatka is pulsating martial arts that originates from North East India. The Gatka displays are always accompanied by the DA to add the extra reality and enhance the entertainment value to the public. To find out more about Gatka classes and information, please follow the link



Further information:

For more information on DA bookings, please visit the Contacts and the booking form.